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HPE Day 2019

HPE Day 2019

PDHPE department presents HPE Day 2019.
St Johns PDHPE faculty is facilitating HPE day on Thursday 12th September (Week 8) 2019 to encourage increased physical activity on the playground and healthy eating.

Research shows that children’s participation in physical activity leads to better student engagement, improved academic achievement during school years, and better outcomes in adult life. This day will be run in conjunction with the PDHPE program covered during classes.

What is National HPE Day? The day aims to highlight the importance of HPE and impact on the learning potential and wellbeing of all children, the benefit to schools, and the valuable contribution to the wider community. The 2019 event, will focus on the theme Good for Children, Good for Schools and Good for Communities.

On the day: There will be healthy eating options provided to students through the provision of fruit throughout the day. Students will also be able to engage in a range of physical activities at recess and lunch. Further information will be provided to students in regards to sports uniform for the day and available physical activity options early in Week 8.

We are encouraging parents to engage with the day by talking about the positive aspects of physical activity with their children. If you have further questions please email Miss Nikki McWhirter or go to the HPE Day website https://hpeday.com.au/

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