Day 4- Remote Learning at SJC
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Day 4- Remote Learning at SJC

Day 4- Remote Learning at SJC

Dear Students and Families

We are sending out a focus on Wellbeing today to you. We know that lockdown and remote learning can be really challenging!  We know that some students thrive in remote learning, and we also know that for some families it can be a real struggle to keep our young people engaged in their learning. We know that lots of our families at the moment are in ‘hard lockdown’ due to being a close contact and this is especially tough- we are thinking of you! 

We hope to assure all of our families and students, that whatever you can do in regards to learning during this difficult and challenging time is OK. We have purposely set up a weeks worth of learning to offer maximum flexibility for our students and their families. We know lots of families are juggling working from home, remote learning and other family commitments. It is OK if some of the learning doesn’t get done today! 

Our biggest priority is supporting the wellbeing of our community. We know that this is vitally important. So we are attaching our top ten tips for your wellbeing today. There are a few links in this document to assist you in working towards your wellbeing. We will also be publishing some additional wellbeing tips via our social media platform to keep us all focused on what is important during lockdown. 

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if we can be of support, 

Stay safe and take care

Nicole Morton


Ten tips for Wellbeing

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