2023 Enrolments are now closed. We are now considering enrolments for 2024.



Dear Prospective Families,

A warm welcome to St Johns College Dubbo. As a Catholic school community we pride ourselves on being inclusive and welcoming to all. St Johns College welcomes the opportunity to build partnerships with our families to ensure the success of each student. This partnership is built on shared values and of the understanding that we work together to ensure each student’s goals are achieved. We are committed to providing innovative and dynamic learning environments that provide growth opportunities for every student. 

Thank you for your interest in enrolling your child here at St Johns. Enrolment applications will only be considered when ALL relevant documentation has been supplied. Please refer to the checklist on the following page. 

To process your application we will also seek information from your child’s previous school to assist us in understanding the needs of your child.

Following receipt of your application we will advise you of a time for an interview to support your application. The interview will include both the applicant and at least one parent/guardian. Following this process you will be advised of the outcome of your application. An offer of acceptance will be made to successful applicants. 

Depending on class numbers at the time your application is received, your application may be placed on a waiting list until a position becomes available.

Thank you for your interest and commitment to St Johns College. 

With thanks

Nicole Morton


The following forms included in this package must be completed and returned
for your enrolment to be considered:
 – Application for Enrolment Form
 – Student Acceptable Use of Technology Policy
 – Take Home Chromebook Agreement– parent/caregiver to sign page 13
 – Counselling Services Form

The following documents must be supplied with your enrolment application. If these documents are not supplied, your enrolment will not be considered:
 – Birth Certificate (ORIGINAL) – a copy will be taken and retained by the school
 – Immunisation History Statement – a copy can be obtained from Medicare online
 – Sacramental Certificates
 – Last NAPLAN results
 – Last 2 academic reports

If Applicable

    –  Students with additional needs – see Enrolment Policy pages 8 & 9
    –  Original Visa, passport or citizenship documentation if not born in Australia (a copy will be taken and retained by the school).
     – Original current Family Court Orders (a copy will be taken and retained by the school).

Please advise us if any of your details or circumstances change after completing these forms and the start of the 2024 school year (i.e. change of address, phone number, email address etc).

Enrolment applications will only be considered when ALL relevant documentation has been supplied.

1 – Principals Letter

2 – Community Charter

3 – Enrolment Policy

4 – Enrolment Application Form

5 – St Johns College Prospectus

6 – 2023 School Fee Agreement

7 – 2023 School Fee Schedule

8 – Counselling Consent Form

9 – Student Digital Citizenship Acceptable Use of Technology

10 – Chromebook Agreement

St Johns College

162 Sheraton Road, Dubbo East NSW 2830
PO Box 4019, Dubbo East NSW 2830
Phone: 02 6841 5100

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