St Johns College is a faith filled catholic community who welcomes all to join us.


Our Catholic tradition is inspired by our De La Salle and Mercy charisms evident in our compassion, service and educational focus. As a community, we are courageous in our desire to be Christ like in all interactions. Our founders Sister Catherine McAuley, Brother Julian Lennon, Sister Marie Therese Moore and St John de Baptiste de LaSalle inspire us to be witnesses to our faith. Students of the College are given many and varied opportunities to explore their faith. These include Catholic Studies, social justice initiatives and faith formation experiences such as year group retreats. Students are asked to live the Gospel and be inspired by the teachings of Jesus Christ. Additionally, students are provided with opportunities to attend CYSMA - RISE and RISEN events which celebrate our faith with students from our Diocese and across the country. Also, our students are invited into leadership ministries to further develop their faith and invest in community service. St Johns College is proud of its connection to the wider parish community. St Brigid’s Parish and in particular, Father Greg Kennedy lead us in our faith journey and nourish our

spirituality through regular liturgies, masses and community work. We work closely with our feeder schools and engage in opportunities to celebrate our faith with them in liturgy, sacraments and other Parish events. Our students are encouraged to connect to the Parish, in particular through our involvement in weekend Mass by providing music or leading Eucharistic ministry, community service projects and engaging in Parish events.


Learning at St Johns College is focused on providing opportunities to develop skills and understanding that open doors to new and exciting futures.

It is about giving students access to a diverse range of situations which allows them to learn and grow as resilient, capable and responsible young adults. We provide an environment that encourages students to realise that learning is a constantly evolving process that seeks to challenge them and their way of thinking.

With an assortment of activities that caters for the diversity of interests that thrives within our community, we seek to inspire students to see themselves on a continual journey of discovery. The journey of learning and self discovery can reveal itself through involvement in academics within and beyond the classroom. Participation in co-curricular and cultural pursuits allows students to seek new and exciting ways to express and challenge themselves. Individual and team sporting opportunities offer both mental and physical challenges as students interact and develop effective teamwork and problem solving skills in a dynamic environment.

St Johns has amazing college facilities including purpose built specialty classrooms to meet the diverse educational needs of our student community. In addition to these facilities we offer support to all learners in our community. Our purpose built Independent Learning Centre supports students with a variety of learning needs to achieve success in and out of the classroom. At St Johns we believe that everyone has the capacity to learn and grow. We aim to provide students with a supportive and positive learning environment that will challenge and nurture learning towards a purposeful and exciting future.


Here at St Johns College, we believe that respectful and dignified interactions for all are the heart of who we are as a community.

We seek out the most engaging and relevant programs to promote respect, foster collaboration, nurture healthy risk- taking and keep students connected to the school community.

Through our wellbeing and community service programs, each student is encouraged to explore their God-given talents and gifts to contribute positively to their school and to their local community whilst developing a vital understanding of their role as global citizens of the future. We offer a range of timetabled wellbeing programs to ensure each young person is challenged to stretch their sense of what they are capable of, explore their boundless potential and develop the confidence and resilience they need to navigate Twenty First Century learning and develop their readiness for life beyond a school setting. From whole-cohort programs such as our Cyber Safety focus for Year 7 and Rite Journey Program for Year 9, to more tailored small-group programs to support students in areas where they need the most assistance, St Johns College is well-equipped

to grow our young people in their learning and in their sense of selves. We also offer intensive, individualised support through our specialised Wellbeing Team. Whether your child needs to be challenged to realise their leadership potential, or supported to grow their mental health and wellbeing, our team of highly invested and experienced Wellbeing Leaders can help them get there.

St Johns College

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