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Our School | Our Mission

We believe St Johns College:

1. Is a community which:

a) Illustrates a strong commitment to Pastoral Care by accepting and valuing the uniqueness of every member.

b) Encourages high expectations of student achievement.

c) Fosters self discipline and respect for individual rights.

d) Recognises that we are all children of God with talents.

e) Is proud of its heritage within the Catholic Tradition and works to foster this pride.

f) Relates closely to its Parish, Diocesan and wider communities.

g) Encourages a sense of belonging to the College.

h) Facilitates the development of Christian leadership and social skills.

i) Recognises the achievement of students in all fields of endeavour.

2. Enables students to find life and truth in Christ as known in the Catholic Tradition by:

a) Providing a detailed and sequential Religious Education program for all years which seeks to develop a solid knowledge and understanding of the Catholic Faith.

b) Promoting an active Prayer Life in the College.

c) Developing, in conjunction with the Parish, a liturgical program which enriches the spiritual life and moral well being of the students.

d) Providing opportunities for students to be involved in College retreats and days of reflection.

e) Encouraging the involvement of youth in Parish activities.

f) Celebrating its faith within the wider community, giving witness to its beliefs and values.

3. Enables students to realise their potential for the betterment of society by:

a) Developing the academic life of the College through:

i) Relevant and quality teaching programs in all KLAs which foster a strong work ethic in the students.

ii) High expectations at all levels of academic achievement.

iii) Appropriate programs for students. eg Vocational, remediation and gifted and talented.

iv) A wide variety of teaching and learning styles through the ongoing professional development of the staff.

v) Adequate procedures for staff accountability.

vi) An emphasis on the importance of literacy, numeracy and other vital skills.

vii) Fostering self confidence in all areas.

b) Provides a sporting program which promotes a healthy lifestyle and develops good sportsmanship through:

i) An emphasis on the importance of respecting their bodies and their own self worth.

ii) Encouragement of participation in all College sporting events.

iii) Promotion of sport as a valued part of developing social skills.

iv) Fostering of a strong College and House spirit.

c) Developing a rich cultural program which:

i) Encourages involvement in the creative and performing arts.

ii) Provides opportunities for students to give expression to their creativity.

iii) Increases awareness and acceptance of Australia as a multicultural nation with emphasis on our indigenous and non indigenous cultural heritage.

iv) Fosters a strong College and House spirit[/vc_column_text][/vc_column_inner][/vc_row_inner][/vc_column][/vc_row]

St Johns College

162 Sheraton Road, Dubbo East NSW 2830
PO Box 4019, Dubbo East NSW 2830
Phone: 02 6841 5100

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