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Our School | Teachers and Students

The Student Population
The College draws students from four Catholic primary feeder schools in Dubbo, as well as Catholic primary schools within a range of 70 minutes travel from Dubbo.  The College population is predominantly Catholic.  At present there are 911 students enrolled at the College.
Special Needs of Students
The College has a Special Education Unit that operates from the Independent Learning Centre. The support teachers and teachers aides in this area work with students, teachers and parents to assist the students in developing their social and academic skills.  Also from this Unit, a team of teachers and teacher assistants implement the Gifted and Talented Policies in the College.  This Policy is aligned with the curriculum in the Extension/Enrichment classes across Years 8 to 10 and the Acceleration Program for individual students.

The Level 3 Curriculum Coordinator assists with the academic progress of students at the College. The Level 3 Curriculum Coordinator is available to both parents and students to assist them in the correct subject choices that will allow them the best opportunity to either attend a tertiary institution or enter the workforce.

Each Year Group has a Year Coordinator who is available to parents as the first point of contact.

Two Counsellors are also available to assist students and families with problems that may arise during the period of a student’s enrolment at the College.

The College employs a teaching staff of 89.  There are 18 KLA Coordinators, a Curriculum Coordinator, a Religious Education – Ministry & Mission Coordinator, Assistant Principal – Pastoral Care, Assistant Principal – Administration/Curriculum, a College Chaplain and School Manager who, together with the Principal, comprise the School Management Team.

In 2017 a Learning & Teaching Team was formed. This team is responsible for developing the standard of pedagogy across the College, mentoring/coaching of teachers and support the administration and growth of Professional Learning Teams in Key Learning Areas.

There are 6 Year Coordinators who work closely with the Assistant Principal – Pastoral Care on the pastoral and disciplinary concerns of the students.  The College also employs Integration Literacy and Numeracy Aides, a Technology Manager and a Technology Aide, as well as an Indigenous Pathways Coordinator, an Aboriginal Assistant and an Indigenous Teachers Assistant.  There are 49 ancillary staff working with teachers in the College.  Staff also have the benefit of a Mentor Coordinator to assist teachers in their early years of teaching and for all staff to align with the Australian Teaching Standards implemented by the NSW Institute of Teachers.

Development of Leadership among Students
An important area in the overall development of the person is to allow students to assume responsibility and have leadership roles within the College.  The Student Representative Council (SRC) now plays an active role in decision making and is made up of student representatives from Year 7 to 12.  The majority of Year 11 students are involved in peer leadership/support programs.  College Captains and Prefects are elected by Senior Students and staff from nominated Year 12 students who have undertaken a leadership development program aimed at fostering Christian leadership skills.  Other student Pastoral Programs include RAP, Kinks & Bends, Friends, Choices and Peer Mediation..[/vc_column_text][/vc_column_inner][/vc_row_inner][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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