Community Service Programs

A sense of social responsibility and the importance of helping others is a significant part of our core missional values here at the College. Whilst learning about the values that were taught by Jesus is important, we also believe that students must be given the opportunity to live these values out as well. Helping others is central to the teachings of Jesus.

Year 11 are given the opportunity to be involved in a week long Community Service program. Students choose from places such as nursing homes. primary schools and charity warehouses and assist these places in a variety of ways. Our students experience how it feels to put others first and to give without receiving.

Year 10 are given the opportunity to be involved in community service for one day at the end of the year. We are in the process of starting a food van initiative in which our Year 10 students will cook and then serve food for Dubbo's homeless. This will be done in conjuction with the St Brigid's Parish.

The College is also endeavouring to start a 'Mini Vinnies' program in which all students will be given the opportunity to learn about and be directly involved with the work of St Vincent de Paul.