Our Parish

St Johns College is a faith filled Catholic community who welcomes all to join us. Our Catholic tradition is inspired by our De La Salle and Mercy charisms evident in our compassion, service and educational focus. As a community, we are courageous in our desire to be Christ like in all interactions.

Our founders Sister Catherine McAuley, Brother Julian Lennon, Sister Marie Therese Moore and St John de Baptiste de LaSalle inspire us to be witnesses to our faith. Students of the College are given many and varied opportunities to explore their faith. These include Catholic Studies, social justice initiatives and faith formation experiences such as year group retreats. Students are asked to live the Gospel and be inspired by the teachings of Jesus Christ. Additionally, students are provided with opportunities to attend CYSMA- RISE and RISEN events which celebrate our faith with students from our Diocese and across the country. Also, our students are invited into leadership ministries to further develop their faith and invest in community service.

St Johns College is proud of its connection to the wider parish community. St Brigid’s Parish and in particular, Father Greg Kennedy lead us in our faith journey and nourish our spirituality through regular liturgies, masses and community work. We work closely with our feeder schools and engage in opportunities to celebrate our faith with them in liturgy, sacraments and other Parish events. Our students are encouraged to connect to the Parish, in particular through our involvement in weekend Mass by providing music or leading Eucharistic ministry, community service projects and engaging in Parish events.

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St Johns College Prayer

Teach me, God of love and light,
To act justly, with courage and integrity,
To accept my strengths and my faults, and those of others,
To find comfort in my struggles, and humility in my success.

Learning together, loving together,
May our St Johns community welcome, respect and include.
Striving to better ourselves and society,
May we always have Christ as our GUIDING light.